Madeleine Pierre

Middle aged woman smiling at camera, Dark brown hair, straight and shoulder length.

Region: 4 – Hudson Valley 

DSP Nomination Name: Madeleine Pierre 

Position: Direct Support Assistant 

Years of Service: 13 


The nominee's favorite or most rewarding part about being a DSP:

“I care deeply about the people I support.” – Madeleine Pierre 

About Madeleine:

According to Yvonne Bretton, Developmental Assistant II and Madeleine’s supervisor, Madeleine was selected because she has integrity, is kind and has a personality that makes her approachable. 

“She also has an excellent attendance record and respects and communicates well with her coworkers,” Bretton adds. 

What sets Madeleine apart from others is her honesty, gentleness and professionalism, Bretton adds. “She is very helpful and motivated.” 

Bretton says Madeleine enjoys her job and cares deeply and sincerely about the people she supports. 

“I can see (her caring) by the way she helps to keep people’s rooms neat and personal belongings clean and neat,” Bretton says. “She follows her assignment and cooks healthy, delicious meals. I am happy that she decided to stay at Maple IRA.” 

Upon her arrival at Maple IRA, Madeleine showed a strong work ethic, got involved with the home’s vegetable garden and has been working on that for two years in a row.  

“She helps people in the home live better lives by taking them out into the community, having them participate with small chores and just communicates with them on an emotional level,” Bretton explains. “She knows their needs and wants and how to care for them in good times and bad. 

“During the pandemic, Madeleine was one of the staff who helped at another house when it was very difficult. She knew what to do to prevent the spread of the virus to her family,” Bretton adds. “At times she only got the chance to shower and return to the job. This proves how dedicated she is to the people she supports.” 

“I am truly blessed to be associated with Madeleine,” says Bretton. “She is loving and kindhearted. She cares deeply for everyone around her and I can see that she is real. I am so glad and excited to know that the people we support at the Maple IRA are under her care. Madeleine has made a great difference by the little things she does, or the nice words and compliments she shares. Her dedication and willingness to go the extra mile to make people feel loved means a lot to me. At times, she can see my frustration, whether it is personal or work-related, and she just knows how to make things better. Everything that Madeleine does makes an impact and I am so happy to be working with her.”