Nancy Wright

Older lady with reddish short hair, light blue shirt and smiling at camera.

Region: 1 – Finger Lakes 

DSP Nomination Name: Nancy Wright 

Position: Developmental Assistant I (DA1) 

Years of Service: 14 


The nominee's favorite or most rewarding part about being a DSP:

Nancy truly cares about the people she serves and tries to be a positive team member. 

About Nancy:

Throughout the COVID pandemic, the staffing at the Finger Lakes DDSOO has been challenging. Nancy repeatedly goes out of her way to flex her schedule and sign up for extra shifts to ensure the people she works with continue to get the highest quality of service possible. She thinks outside of the box and works with staff to cover shifts and allow them flexibility whenever possible. 

“Nancy has worked to ensure staffing at the home is managed as best as it can be,” adds Crystal Geiger, Developmental Assistant II and Nancy’s supervisor. “Her staff respect her and know they can go to her for assistance whenever they need to.” 

Nancy also arranges and sets up fun, quality community inclusion activities for the people she supports, such as camping, sporting events, vacation days and various other exciting and adventurous excursions. She voluntarily flexes her schedule to ensure the activities are fully staffed. 

“Nancy is truly a pleasure to work with,” Geiger concludes.