Ramon Machado

Black and white photo of man, bald with a mustache and beard. Has a black shirt on.

Region: 3 – Capital District 

DSP Nomination Name: Ramon Machado 

Position: Direct Support Assistant 

Years of Service: 15 


The nominee's favorite or most rewarding part about being a DSP:

“I enjoy assisting individuals to lead more healthy and productive lives.” – Ramon Machado 

About Ramon:

“Ramon is very person-centered when it comes to our individuals,” says James Thompson, Developmental Assistant I and Ramon’s supervisor. “He enjoys being the person to help put out the stresses at the home on a daily basis, and sometimes there are many.” 

“He loves helping individuals make informed decisions on their own, whether it be taking their meds or deciding what outings to go on,” Thompson continues. “Ramon helps them monitor their spending so they have enough money for another outing. Ramon is a very well-rounded DSP in that respect.” 

Thompson says Ramon oversees the daily medication and appointments for the house. It is a very trying job with many obstacles that must be evaluated and overcome.  

“Ramon does a great job ensuring all the individuals stay up to date and attend all their appointments on time. Follow up is always documented and there is never a need to worry or question his documentation,” Thompson says. “Ramon is very detailed and meticulous in his notes and communication.” 

“Ramon does everything a great DSP should do – advocating for the people he works with, helping them to make informed choices, and treating the individuals with respect,” Thompson adds. “And they respect him for that.”  

“Ramon just does a remarkable job,” he concluded.