Sabrina Campbell

Lady not smiling looking at camera. Appears to have hair pulled back and a black shirt.

Region: 5 - Brooklyn 

DSP Nomination Name: Sabrina Campbell 

Position: Direct Support Assistant 

Years of Service: 2+ years 


The nominee's favorite or most rewarding part about being a DSP:

“My favorite part about being a DSA is the opportunity to be able to be a part of an individuals’ milestones and assist in exposing them to new personal growth opportunities that help to build their ideal life. I love seeing their faces light up when they accomplish something – and that I was there to witness that growth, and the excitement of doing it to help them get to that goal gives me a great feeling. Working as a DSA, I also learn a lot from the people – to celebrate every accomplishment in my life, big or small, and live for today. Being a DSA is more than just a job for me – the individuals are special people in my life. I enjoy coming to work to see what milestones we can accomplish next.” 

 – Sabrina Campbell


About Sabrina

Kerline Bolivar, Developmental Assistant III, and the person who nominated Sabrina as a DSP of the Year for Brooklyn says, “Sabrina has displayed selfless service to provide optimal care to individuals at the residence where she works.” 

Some examples of this selfless service include coming in early when asked in an emergency, visiting a person that was hospitalized during her off hours and advocating for individuals’ care and treatment while that person was hospitalized. 

What sets Sabrina apart, Bolivar adds, is her ability to volunteer when situations or crises arise and assisting with the training of peers.  

Bolivar says Sabrina goes out of her way to touch base with her to ensure there is coverage across all shifts at the residence. She takes initiative to complete assignments independently and is a team player. Sabrina also has been a key factor in communicating all the individuals’ needs. 

Etienne Ayiemohtsoh, Team Treatment Leader sums up Sabrina’s success: “I have found Sabrina is very reliable and resourceful in providing information which is needed for the health and safety of the individuals at the home where she works. She has proven to be dedicated and engaged in the smooth operation of the home.”