November 30, 2022

A Passion for Technology Leads to Career Advancement for eVero Employee

A Passion for Technology Leads to Career Advancement for eVero Employee

Jason is currently a Tier 1 Customer Support Representative who works at eVero in Melville on Long Island. He’s worked on the company’s Help Desk for four years now, assisting customers with numerous issues related to their accounts. Because Jason has a passion for technology, he finds working for a company that provides a proprietary software platform the perfect fit.

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“I enjoy the work I do at eVero, as well as the culture and camaraderie here,” says Jason.  “While I worked at home during the pandemic, I am happy to now be back in the office with my colleagues working in a team environment.”

As a customer service representative, Jason’s responsibilities include assisting clients with account issues, downloading mobile apps, navigating the apps, and also assisting those that use the chat function. While the job can be stressful at times, Jason uses coping techniques such as breathing and meditating to keep himself calm under pressure.

eVero’s Business Manager, Jeannine Azan, says that Jason is a valued member of the team who excels at eVero. He documents all of the customer issues that he resolves in the company’s database. Having started out as a part-time employee, Jason transitioned to a full-time role last year. Next on his list is achieving Level 2 Support status as well as obtaining A+ security and C++ certifications.

“Jason has grown into a very reliable member of our Help Desk Support team,” said Nathalie Herrera, Jason’s supervisor.” He is excellent with our customers and can handle the various eVero support platforms on his own. He is assisting with 100-150 support tickets monthly, which is great.”

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Jason with his colleagues on the eVero Help Desk Team.

Founded by brothers Christos and Constantine Morris, eVero is a company that is committed to ensuring that all people get access to quality support services — especially those living with developmental disabilities. Many OPWDD service providers use eVero’s software platform to manage the programs and supports they provide to individuals who receive their services.

Visitors to eVero’s headquarters will immediately recognize that the company takes their commitment to an inclusive workforce seriously. The company describes itself as a family-oriented business that supports the developmental disabilities community in numerous ways, including their eVero Outreach program. As part of this program, eVero organizes interactive seminars for the community to familiarize them with interview and job skills, to help them find, and keep, gainful employment. Some of eVero’s current employees were participants in the program. eVero currently employs six people that have a known disability in New York.

“A focus of ours at eVero is enhancing the lives of Individuals in the communities that we serve,” says Christos G. Morris, eVero’s Co-Founder & CEO. “The eVero Outreach program does a terrific job of that, but it has also benefitted us as a company by helping us add to the strength and diversity of our workforce.” 

Photo of Evero employees and OPWDD staff
Wil Chou, Acting LI Regional Director, back row second from left, visits the eVero Team during National Disabilities Employment Awareness Month.

In addition to employing people with disabilities, eVero was one of the first businesses in New York State to take OPWDD’s Employability pledge, committing to an inclusive workforce.  The company recently hosted OPWDD Acting Long Island Regional Director, Wilfred Chou, who visited the business during National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM). The visit was part of Commissioner Kerri Neifeld’s effort to highlight businesses across the state who are leading the effort to include people with disabilities in their workforce.