October 17, 2023

Supporting People with Developmental Disabilities to Vote

Supporting People with Developmental Disabilities to Vote

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

One of the most fundamental civil rights of every American citizen is the right to participate in our democracy by voting in our elections. It is a defining element of our country. As the 2023 election draws near, OPWDD is reminding everyone who supports people with developmental disabilities of their duty – and their privilege – to help them to exercise their right to vote. Anyone who receives OPWDD supports or services who expresses a desire to vote should be supported to register to vote, identify a plan for how and when they will vote and to accomplish that plan before or on Election Day.

OPWDD has prepared a helpful voting flyer that contains important information about our elections and how all of us can support someone with a disability to exercise their right to vote. Voting takes planning, and the time to plan is now. Visit our Know Your Rights page for more information about exercising your right to vote. By selecting the "translate" button on the upper lefthand corner of our page, you can view this important information in the language of your choice. Waiting until Election Day may mean someone who wants to vote can’t. And that means they are denied their civil right.

This year, I hope more people with developmental disabilities than ever before receive the support they need to actively participate in our democracy.

Thank you,

Kerri E. Neifeld