Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Commissioner Delaney Announces Public Comment Period for Managed Care Qualification Document


Building on the strengths of our system, and in response to feedback we have heard around the State, we have been working hard to shape a more responsive system that better meets people’s needs.  

On July 1, the Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) took the first step in this transformation and transitioned to an improved way of coordinating services through the establishment of Health Home Care Management provided by Care Coordination Organizations.  Many people have already experienced the benefits of care that is truly coordinated across service systems, guided by a comprehensive Life Plan, and supported by enhanced information technology. 

Today, we begin the movement to the second phase of OPWDD’s transformation—the development of specialized Managed Care.  OPWDD has posted for public comment a document that contains the requirements for the creation of specialized Managed Care Plans to coordinate and deliver all of an individual’s services, including OPWDD-funded services, healthcare, behavioral health, and medication management which can be found at:

This qualification document includes prerequisites for education and experience for medical and clinical directors, financial reserve requirements and other standards the plan applicants will be required to meet.

OPWDD has built its service system guided by the voices of the people we serve, their families and advocates. Over the coming months, we will be holding public forums to inform, educate and receive feedback from individuals, families and other stakeholders. I encourage you to provide your comments on the document released today to [email protected] on or before October 3, 2018, and to attend these forums.

The partnership that we have created is now more important than ever. We look forward to working with you to help New Yorkers with developmental disabilities achieve their goals, build upon their strengths, and live richer lives.



Kerry A. Delaney
Acting Commissioner