Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Care Coordination Organizations Announced


Dear Friends and Colleagues: 

As many of you already know, the Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) is making an important improvement to the way services are coordinated, known as People First Care Coordination.

The Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC) program which is currently used to coordinate services will be replaced by a new and improved program called Health Home Care Management. Health Home Care Management will continue to provide the service coordination that people currently receive, and will also provide coordination of other services, such as health care and behavioral health supports.

Care Coordination Organizations (CCOs), new entities formed by existing providers of developmental disability services, will coordinate all the services a person receives for their developmental disability, as well as the coordination of health, wellness, and mental health services through one individualized Life Plan.

Six new Care Coordination Organizations have been identified to begin providing Care Management services on July 1, 2018:

–     Advance Care Alliance

–     Care Design NY

–     LIFEPlan

–     Person Centered Services

–     Prime Care Coordination

–     Tri-County Care

The new organizations will be staffed by Care Managers, and to maintain existing relationships as much as possible, in many cases the new Care Managers will be current Medicaid Service Coordinators who will receive additional training for this new role. Care Managers will help coordinate services across systems, including OPWDD, the Department of Health and the Office of Mental Health, providing people with developmental disabilities, and their families, with one place to plan all of their service needs.

There will be no changes to a person’s supports and services as this transition from MSC to Health Home Care Management takes place, unless changes are requested by the person receiving services, or their decision-makers.

Health Home Care Management should not be confused with Managed Care. Managed Care will be offered statewide to people with developmental disabilities at a future date.

People who choose not to receive comprehensive care management can choose to receive Basic HCBS Plan Support which will also be offered by CCOs. Basic HCBS Plan Support will be a very limited coordination option, similar to Plan of Care Support Services (PCSS) offered in the current system.

People currently receiving supports and services through OPWDD will be hearing from their service coordinator between April and July with more information so they can choose their CCO, and whether they would like to receive Health Home Care Management or Basic HCBS Plan Support services.

We look forward to helping the people we serve achieve their desired outcomes through this improved service.




Kerry A. Delaney
Acting Commissioner