Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Beth Conklin

Broome DDSOO
Beth Conklin

POSITION: Residential Habilitation Coordinator (Habilitation Specialist I)


Beth Conklin has been named the 2019 Employee of the Year for the Broome DDSOO because of her love for the job – and the people she supports. 

According to Marc Feeko, the Treatment Team Leader who nominated her, Beth recently had the monumental task of relocating 12 people from home to various locations in the Broome catchment area. This was due to a break in a sewer discharge line located under the floor of the home. This task required Beth to work alongside Broome’s work-control department to coordinate moving the individuals so that the scope of work could be completed in a timely manner and minimally disrupt the lives of the people under her care.

“Beth was able to coordinate with various department heads and other home supervisors the relocation of 12 people who were affected and their staff to various locations,” Feeko adds. “She was not intimidated by the task that lay ahead. She worked with various teams to ensure that program sites stayed intact, she implemented transportation to and from the program between Walton and Binghamton each day as to not disrupt anyone’s daily routine. 

Feeko says the importance of that detail can not be underestimated. 

“A disruption in routine could have triggered a chain of events in certain people that could have led to increasing behavioral difficulties,” he explains. 

In another instance, Beth had to coordinate the movement of eight people to a program site in Masonville. Again, she worked in conjunction with Broome’s work-control department, this time not only coordinating the move of the people but their beds and belonging, as well. The transition also involved moving refrigerators, feeding utensils, etc. for the people in her care.

“Lastly, she had to rearrange staffing schedules to meet the needs of the people who were moving,” Feeko says. “Then, after two long weeks, the work was completed. Beth then had to plan for individuals and their belongings to be transitioned back to their home.

“These are just two examples of the incredible work that Beth and her team perform daily,” Feeko said.

He says Beth personifies OPWDD’s mission and ensures that the individuals she serves are taken well care of, and are safe and happy. 

“She provides love, attentiveness, and supports,” Feeko adds.