Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Cherri Davis

Central NY DDSOO
Cherri Davis

POSITION: Developmental Assistant II


Cherri Davis is compassionate and dedicated to the people she serves, as well as being a mentor and leader among her staff and team, which was why she was nominated as the Central New York DDSOO Employee of the Year. 

Cheryl Herzog, Team Treatment Leader, says Cherri is a strong advocate and takes the time to get to know the people with whom she works.

“Cherri has recently been asked to assume supervisory oversight of an additional site on the team,” Herzog says. “Cherri willingly took on this role and oversees this site the way she runs her own. Staff have complimented her on her responsiveness to concerns and her ability to follow up in a timely manner. 

“She exemplifies the ‘people first’ motto and ensures daily that people’s needs are met, and they are offered choices and independence,” she continues. “Cherri follows the person-centered model and allows all individuals to live their best possible lives.”

Cherri was an easy choice for the team to nominate, Herzog says because she is receptive to all tasks and/or additional job duties asked of her.

“Cherri will flex her work schedule so staff can have time off or tend to personal matters,” Herzog explains. “Cherri has volunteered to take people on preferred outings. She has been asked to cover an additional team site twice this year. Both times Cherri assumed the role without hesitation and provided guidance and oversight to the staff and people served. She assisted with some much-needed house cleaning and setting up accountabilities and more person-centered opportunities for the people living there.”

To illustrate what Cherri has done that sets her apart from others, Herzog provides an example.

“Cherri noticed that something was not right with one of the people at her site. She took this person to the doctor and the doctor found nothing,” Herzog says. “Knowing something was just not right, Cherri sent the person back out to the emergency room. Once again, they stated that there was nothing wrong. 

“The individual continued to show decline, so Cherri sent the person to a different ER. This time it was discovered that the person had a twisted intestine that was necrotic, showing signs of infection, and had to be removed,” she continues. “The person had emergency surgery and a colostomy placed. The person improved after surgery but took a turn for the worse and needed intubation. Cherri spent countless hours at the hospital with the person, both on duty and off. She would bring the person favorite things and just spent time there.”

Cherri continued to advocate for the person during repeated intubations. Even when the medical team insisted the person could not return to the home with that level of care needed, with Cherri’s oversight, love and support, the person returned home after three weeks in the hospital, where the person was once again surrounded by people who love and care.

“Cherri is a team player and a supervisor’s dream,” says Cheryl VanEpps, DA III and Cherri’s supervisor. “Anything that is asked of her, she will do without complaint. Her communication with her supervisors, the clinical team and the staff she supervises is impeccable and you are never left to guess what is going on at the sites Cherri oversees.

“Cherri is truly compassionate, caring and a pleasure to work with and I am honored to be her supervisor,” VanEpps concludes.