Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Eureka Freeman-Wilson

Brooklyn DDSOO
Eureka Freeman-Wilson

POSITION: Direct Support Assistant


Eureka Freeman-Wilson was chosen as the Brooklyn DDSOO’s Statewide Employee of the Year because she always gives her best to everything she does.

Eureka not only makes sure people assigned to her are always actively engaged, she also keeps accurate and timely documentation of the work that takes place in her classroom,” says Winifred Obi, Team Treatment Leader at the day hab and Eureka’s supervisor. “As such she encourages her peers working in the same classroom as her to ensure they do the same with people assigned to them. Eureka is always ready when she is called upon to pick up slack and assist her peers, supervisors, clinicians and myself.”

Whenever the the Direct Care supervisor is out, Eureka assists Obi with creating assignment sheets and ensuring the attendance sheets are properly signed off on by her peers. This makes it easy for Obi to review and sign off on these items. 

“Eureka also has an eye for beauty and she’s talented in creating seasonal designs which adorn their classroom and common areas,” Obi adds. “In preparation for the Chanukah, Christmas and Kwanzaa holiday season, Eureka motivated some of her peers to assist her with creating phenomenal decorations for the classroom, which were also displayed in the hallways and in the Day Program lobby. During the planning and celebration of our Black History Month event this past February, Eureka was assigned to oversee the coordination and organization of the food and beverages for the main event. She did an exceptional job. Furthermore, Eureka has joined hands with the clinicians and team leader in working on the new filing system project currently going on at our Day Habilitation Program. At my request, she gladly tidied and reorganized the old files located in our building’s basement.”

Eureka, Obi says, ensures that she and other direct support professionals working in her core classroom actively engage people theysupport. In the spirit of teamwork, whenever Eureka is needed, she makes herself readily available and assists others. 

“Eureka is the ultimate staff to have on your team. She never refuses or scowls at any assignment given to her; and if she deems it necessary, Eureka does not shy away from asking for clarification of instructions for any assignment given,” Obi continues. “She gives her best to each one. Her support of the team makes Eureka Freeman-Wilson a ‘Team  Leader’s delight!’”

“Eureka is indeed a model staff and a great asset to our East 59th Street Day Program,” Obi says.