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Jeanine Crawford-Romaine

Jeanine Crawford-Romaine

POSITION: Quality Management Treatment Team Leader


Jeanine Crawford-Romaine has been named the 2019 Employee of the Year for the Metro New York DDSOO for her exemplary commitment to the job.

While all Treatment Team Leaders work hard and do a great job, Jeanine’s dedication and commitment is definitely exemplary, according to Alain Ndama, Director of Metro Operations.

“She has been a TTL for the past four years, working in residential, operations, day habilitation programs, and now in Quality Management. Jeanine is viewed as the role model,” says Ndama. “She conducts herself always as a professional and is respected by her peers. Her personality and presence are very reassuring to the parents and supportive of the people we serve.”

“Jeanine is an inspiration to her team and serves as a mentor to several supervisory staff and habilitation specialists,” he continues. “She is a team player who comes up with creative and innovative ideas to solve problems. Perhaps what can best summarize Jeanine’s leadership skills and dedication is this quote from the wall in her office: ‘She is a dreamer. She is a doer. She sees possibilities everywhere.’”

She is currently coordinating the development and implementation of a Centralized Staffing Control Unit to address staffing coverage and reduced excessive overtime, Ndama says. For the past two years, Jeanine also has coordinated the Christmas party for people supported at Metro, working with parents and staff in the community to make it successful.

As an example of how she finds corresponding solutions to challenges, Ndama has this to say:

“Last year, Jeanine was the TTL at a home with elderly and medically frail adults. The elevator was shut down being serviced for an entire week. Jeanine took the lead and coordinated the temporary relocation of 16 people to other homes throughout the Bronx district. She worked all three shifts with staff, families and care managers to ensure their successful relocation.”

Sonayon Agosa, Acting Deputy Director of Metro State Operations and Jeanine’s supervisor adds that Jeanine was Metro DDSOO’s unanimous selection for this year’s Employee of the Year. He believes it is noteworthy that the selection committee, made up of various departments in the agency, made a consensus selection. 

“Jeanine is an explary worker. She harnesses any team she leads and works towards the successful attainment of the agency’s goals,” he adds. “She is hardworking, creative and takes initiative. She makes the welfare and well being of people she supports her priority. 

“Jeanine excels either as a project leader or as an integral part of a team. She has a down-to-earth approach to leadership that will make this honor a far reaching, inspirational impact on her peers and subordinates. She is an invaluable asset to the agency. Jeanine is a star who I anticipate will rise to even greater heights,” Agosa concludes.