Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Kim McGirt

Bernard Fineson DDRO
Kim McGirt

POSITION: Office Assistant I for Intake/Service Amendment/MOU/Family Support/Eligibility


Kim McGirt is referred to as “the glue that holds many of us together,” which was one of the reasons the Bernard Fineson DDRO chose Kim as its 2019 Statewide Employee of the Year.

“Kim is a one-of-a-kind staff,” says Francina Branch, Community Services Team Leader and Kim’s supervisor. “She is an excellent, hardworking and professional worker. She always carries a smile on her face that makes her approach to difficult tasks easier. Her demeanor calms even the most stressed workers.”

 “Kim is a true team player,” Branch adds. “Without being asked, she will go out of her way to help staff who are in need and to problem-solve a situation. She is an excellent trainer and is patient with those who require extra time to learn something. Her kindness and pleasant and respectful disposition is untiring, quite visible and contagious. Others seem to always want to strive to do better as they observe her. If you are down, she will surely lift your spirits up.”

Branch tells how one day an employee was having a bad day and trying to handle multiple tasks. She says Kim went to the person and asked what she could do to help and encouraged the employee not to be so hard on herself because “she does so many wonderful things for her peers, people she supports and families.”

“Kim was even able to give examples of the great work the person had done,” Branch continues “She told the person, ‘let’s just get it done and not to be so hard on yourself, because then you cannot help those who really benefit from your skills and abilities and need you.’ Kim assisted the person to get the tasks done and continued to encourage her throughout. The person was so grateful for Kim’s words of encouragement that she got everything done earlier than expected and learned a valuable lesson that day: that even though you have a bad day, it’s just one bad day, but what counts is your overall days and genuine heart to do good.”

“Kim’s mission is to forget self and to think of the people we support and coworkers,” Branch says. “She encourages all to be the best they can be in order to make the job run smoothly. She loves talking to people, families and the agencies. She is compassionate and a fervent listener. Those who come in contact with her always have positive things to say about her and their interactions with her. In other words, they know there is a caring person in Kim McGirt.”

“Kim’s contribution to people with developmental disabilities cannot be measured by units or percentages, but in love and positive outcomes,” Branch concludes. “Kim’s hard work and dedication to them and staff members cannot and should not be overlooked. She IS like the glue that holds many of us together. Kim is a firm foundation and we are all the steadier and more effective because of her presence, performance and character.”