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Maria Butcher

Western NY DDSOO
Maria Butcher headshot

POSITION: Office Assistant II


Maria Butcher was named the 2019 Employee of the Year for the Western New York DDSOO because she is considered a “pivotal player” on her team.

Lisa Golley, Team Treatment Leader, and Shayne Sullivan, Developmental Disabilities Program Specialist  IV, nominated Maria and says that she has an exemplary work ethic.

“Maria doesn’t just do the tasks of her position with positivity and efficiency, she is also one of the most positive and helpful people we have ever had the pleasure of working with,” they say. “She is well-liked among her coworkers and anyone she encounters.

“She is looked upon as one of the driving forces of our team and inspires collaboration among our team by her calm, friendly, organized and goal-driven approach,” they continue. “Qualities that Maria also possesses is that she seeks out new assignments to learn and be helpful with and looks for areas within her expertise that could use improvement.”

During the past year, Maria has volunteered to learn Electronic Health Records (EHR) guidelines and helps train and guide staff and managers when assistance is needed. She has been involved in each team rollout during the EHR initiative, designing tracking sheets and doing spot checks, when applicable.

“She is our go-to person for IT issues,” they say. “Maria will either solve them on the spot or will send Help Desk tickets out quickly to help the team run our time constraints effectively. 

Golley and Sullivan say she regularly assists all team members and others with submitting mileage correctly, and she was a key point person in planning and organizing Little Valley Team’s annual “Friends Together” picnic.

“Maria was a pivotal player in closing and reopening our team’s turnaround home including communication with other OPWDD contacts, traveling back and forth to Cherry Creek and making sure the home was stocked with supplies and decorated in preparation for people moving in,” they say. “With input from the southern region TTLs and DDPSIV, Maria designed an Excel spreadsheet that the TTLs in the southern region use to track incidents. It has helped to keep up on incidents and correlating information.”

Even though Accumatica was not part of the job duties for an OA2, Maria approached her supervisors to ask if she could attend the training, as she recognized that some staff may struggle with it and she wanted to be a resource for them. Maria also ensures that she spends time with people we support as they go by her desk. Maria has her own routine for each person – this could be a simple “hello,” wave, “good morning,” or holding hands for a moment.

“Maria, congratulations on being awarded the Employee of the Year honor,” Golley and Sullivan said. “We are grateful for your consistent dedication, positivity and hard work that makes our team run so smoothly and have such great effectiveness for ourselves and for people we support. We can’t think of anyone else more deserving of this award. We all hope you know how much greatness you add to the lives you touch. Thank you!”