Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Norbert “Scott” Seifert

Sunmount DDSOO
Norbert “Scott” Seifert

POSITION: Supervisor of Rehabilitation Services


Norbert Seifert – who goes by the name “Scott” – received four nominations this year – each one emphasizing how worthy he was to be named the Sunmount DDSOO 2019 Employee of the Year.

It was only over the past year that Scott took over Sunmount’s Rehabilitation Department. He embraced the change, bringing to the table a variety of new recreational/community experiences to the people Sunmount supports.

“Scott’s dedication to the people we serve and to the agency itself goes above and beyond what is expected, and he truly deserves to be recognized,” said Danielle Cuttaia, a recreational therapist at Sunmount. “Scott spends countless hours planning and preparing extraordinary activities and volunteer opportunities for people…. Scott is an outstanding supervisor and his knowledge of the field cannot be matched or replaced”

Cuttaia provides an example of what Scott has done for the people he supports at Sunmount. He introduced them to mountain climbing, canoeing and boating, and has re-introduced Special Olympics and helped create in them a new love for the outdoors.

“Scott brings people hiking and canoeing all over the Adirondack Park,” she adds. “The people we support are now displaying a motivation to make healthier lifestyle choices because of his dedication and ability to keep them motivated.”

“Scott Seifert has been a valuable staff, supervisor, mentor and role model for 25-plus years of service at Sunmount,” reads another nomination that was submitted by three of his co-workers. “Scott is always considerate to everyone around him – staff and advocates—and does everything he can to make each day special. Scott’s consistent and fair work practice makes him one of the most-liked and respected staff who work at Sunmount.”

“Scott brings value to all the lives he touches here at Sunmount,” says Rebecca Fritts, Developmental Disabilities Program Specialist IV and Scott’s supervisor. “whether it be through vocational training opportunities, Special Olympics participation, volunteerism, or the many recreational activities planned, introducing people to the beautiful Adirondack Park we live in.”

“Scott truly exemplifies what it means to be a public servant and enriches the lives of those we serve,” she says.