Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Tracy Scholl

Long Island DDRO
Tracy Scholl

POSITION: Developmental Disabilities Program Specialist II, Director of Residential Support


The Long Island DDRO selected Tracy Scholl to be its 2019 Statewide Employee of the Year because she has become the region’s “go-to” person when it comes to finding resources and for creativity.

Tracy is the Long Island Regional Office Director of Residential Support and in her supervisory role, she has created a team that is fully committed to finding the most optimal residential opportunities for those being served in Long Island. She supervises and directs integral Regional Office person-centered units including Residential Support and Residential School Transition Coordination. Tracy has provided strong leadership in overseeing Long Island’s certified residential opportunities (CRO) processes. She has a key role in the oversight of requests for services (RFS) to increase residential opportunities for Long Island. 

“Notably, Tracy demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to helping not only those seeking opportunities, but she lends support without hesitation to other regional office departments to assist when needed,” says Sandra Jones, DDPS IV in Long Island. “Based on her work experiences, which include voluntary sector residential supervision and both state and provider Medicaid Service Coordination, she is our ‘go-to’ person for resources and creativity.” 

Tracy’s past experience as a DDPS I, having worked to develop residential and day service opportunities, has been an asset towards her present responsibilities. Her planning skills and expertise have been invaluable, says Jones. Most importantly, Tracy is Long Island’s “marathon runner.”

“When you think she has given more than all, she gives a little bit more and crosses the finish line with a positive outcome which is often above and beyond,” adds Jones. “She gives countless hours to her efforts and always with sincere concern. Her caring ways, generosity and cheerfulness are contagious throughout the Regional Office.”

Tracy chairs the local Access to Residential Opportunities Committee (AROC) and has steadily made several significant changes to the committee that has more readily assisted those seeking opportunities, which is notably evident in the past year. By forging more collaborative and cohesive relationships among Long Island’s provider and state partners, the DDRO has been able to work together with them to find homes, especially for those who have difficult circumstances. 

“In the past year, Tracy has taken on a collaborative role with Regional Office peers and volunteers for special projects without hesitation,” says Jones. “She comports herself as a professional and never complains. Tracy has received many compliments from families for her listening skills and assistance with concerns and issues.”

Tracy and her team have assisted in seeking many positive residential opportunity outcomes for people. Tracy herself has also been of support to other regional offices to help in their efforts. However, this year brought a heartening conclusion of locating an opportunity for a person who had significant medical and behavioral needs and aging parents. 

 “Tracy is always willing to help others,” says Wilfrid Chou, Acting Deputy Director of the Long Island DDRO and Tracy’s supervisor. “She goes above and beyond to assist the people we serve, her coworkers, families, and agencies to provide high-quality services at the DDRO. Her positive attitude and strong work ethic help create a collaborative working environment.”