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Storm Update 3/15 Broome County Non Essential Staff Notification


Due to conditions in Broome county, non-essential State employees who work in State offices in Broome County do not have to report to work today and do not have to charge accruals to cover the absence.  Please contact GOER with any questions.

Essential employees should report to work as directed by management.  Essential employees include the following:

  • Business Office staff including Business Officer, Assistant Business Officer, Head Account Clerk and Principal Account Clerks
  • Workforce & Talent Management Division DIHRMs and Human Resources Specialists 2
  • Service Delivery staff including all directors and deputy directors in both SOO and RO offices, all TTLs, all DDPS 4 and all DDPS 2, all direct support staff (DSA and DDSCTA) and direct support supervisory staff, all nursing and medical staff, all State operations clinical and all day program staff
  • Maintenance, Safety & Security, Fire Safety, Capital Services, Emergency Management, Food Service Workers, Housekeeping staff, Cooks and Cleaning Staff
  • DQI management including Regional and Area Directors
  • Deputy Commissioners, Assistant Commissioners and Associate Deputy Commissioners

If you are unsure whether you are considered essential staff, please contact your supervisor or local HR office if they cannot be reached.  The Division of Workforce and Talent Management (WTM) will issue an advisement on TIMES entry for this event within the next 5 business days.

Please check OPWDD’s Internet or Facebook page regularly for updates.  We will send out additional information as it becomes available. Please stay safe by taking precautions as you travel.