Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Draft Application Announcement


June 30, 2017

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

As you may know, the New York State Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) is embarking upon a new initiative aimed at enhancing care coordination for the people we serve. People First Care Coordination will retain the best of the current system of Medicaid Service Coordination, while building upon it to offer individuals and families a more comprehensive way of managing their services and supports.

Through People First Care Coordination, Care Coordination Organizations/Health Homes (CCOs/HHs) governed by OPWDD providers will oversee development of a Life Plan created for each individual. The Life Plan will include information not only about the services they receive from OPWDD, but also physical, behavioral health and other healthcare and wellness services. This initiative will be supported by improved information technology, allowing multiple providers to share important information related to a person’s Life Plan. 

In partnership with the Department of Health, we are beginning the process of establishing the CCOs/HHs which will provide enhanced care coordination services. Organizations that are interested in operating as a CCO/HH will be required to complete an Application.  At this time, we are posting a draft Application for stakeholder review and comment.  

Information regarding People First Care Coordination and the draft Application can be found at  The draft Application and form for submitting your comments can be found at

The draft Application lays out the qualifications and requirements that CCO/HH applicants must meet, while also defining the expectations of New York State regarding the operation of the CCO/HH. Key requirements of the Application include identifying a transition plan for current Medicaid Service Coordinators to move into care manager roles and ensuring cultural competence for serving a diverse population.

The Application is currently in draft form, and applications are not being accepted at this time. After public comment has been received over the next month, the Application will be revised and is anticipated to be issued in September 2017 in final form, for completion by CCO/HH applicants by November 2017.

We look forward to our continued collaboration with you, and view this draft Application process as the first step in establishing a person-centered, specialized system of care coordination leading to managed care designed for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. With your support and insight, we can move into the future under a framework that offers more flexibility and choice and preserves the great gains made for New Yorkers with developmental disabilities over the past forty years. 


Kerry A. Delaney
Acting Commissioner