Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Letters to OPTS Providers


Letter to OPTS Provider 8/11/2011

This letter informs OPTS General DD Providers that Frequency, Duration and Effective Date are not required in the Other Services or 100% OPWDD Funded Supports and Services section of the ISP to be in compliance with the OPTS Contract Appendix B but the provider is required to provide the Service Coordinator with the complete OPTS General DD Service name, and are responsible for informing the Service Coordinator of the approved service start date.

Letter to OPTS Provider 2/14/2011

This letter clarifies that VESID's name change to ACCES-VR does not impact a provider's OPTS contract.

Letter to OPTS Provider 11/30/2010

This letter informs providers that if valued outcomes are only listed in Section 1 of the ISP the provider will be considered to be in compliance with its Appendix B(s).

OPTS Retirement Letter 11/30/2007

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