Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Person-Centered Supports


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As a DSP, my first allegiance is to the person I support; all other activities and functions I perform flow from this allegiance.

Furthermore, as a DSP, I will:

·         Commit to person-centered supports as best practice.
·         Focus first on the person and understand that my role in direct supports will require flexibility, creativity and commitment.
·         Recognize that each person is capable of directing their own life.
·         Honor those who cannot speak by seeking other ways of understanding them.
·         Recognize that the unique culture, social network, circumstances, personality, preferences, needs and gifts of each person I support must be the primary guides for the selection, structure, and use of supports for that person.
·         Advocate with the person I support and others when the demands of the system override the needs of those I support, or when individual preferences, needs or gifts are neglected for any reason.