Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

The Training Requirements Guide (TRG)

Type: pdf
Author: Jeremiah Coleman
Year of Publishing: 2013

The Training Requirements Guide (TRG) is the product of the OPWDD Regulatory Reform Committee – Workforce and Staffing Workgroup.  The Workgroup was formed in late 2012 and is a collaboration of voluntary agency provider representatives, family members and OPWDD staff. 

The primary goal of the Workgroup was to develop a comprehensive guide for provider agencies that listed all of the OPWDD training and professional development requirements by topic area, source, occupational group that requires the training, and the frequency in which the training is required. 

The Workgroup identified that there are different sources where training and professional development requirements originate at OPWDD.  For example, these requirements can come from Regulations, Administrative Memorandums (ADMs), and the Medicaid Service Coordination Vendor Manual.  The TRG provides a tool to better assess, implement and coordinate professional development activities in a more effective and efficient manner through our system.  In addition, having one comprehensive training guide allows OPWDD to more easily evaluate if there is any duplication that is occurring and therefore increase efficiency in the use of our professional training resources.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact OPWDD's Talent Development and Training Unit at 518-473-1190 or [email protected].