Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Article 16 Clinics


Article 16 Clinics are OPWDD-certified treatment facilities that provide clinical services to individuals with developmental disabilities as well as to those caregivers and other support staff whose participation in the service is deemed necessary to maintain the effectiveness of the treatment, enable the individual to remain in his/her current residential setting and enhance the individual’s quality of life.  Services, provided at a main clinic or satellite site by appropriately licensed/certified practitioners, may include the following:

  • rehabilitation/habilitation services (e.g., physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, speech and language pathology, social work);
  • medical/dental services; and
  • health care services (e.g., nursing, dietetics and nutrition, audiology, podiatry).

The Guide to Eligibility Assessment Resources in New York State  may be helpful in finding resources in your area. 

For additional information regarding Article 16 eligibility or services,  please contact the Eligibility Coordinator at the Developmental Disability Regional Office (DDRO)
representing the county in which the individual/family lives.

For information about the Margaret L. Williams Developmental Center, visit the link below: