Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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NYSTART Metro, Brooklyn, Staten Island & Bernard Fineson


NYSTART services in New York City are provided by two comprehensive clinical teams: the NYSTART Tri-Borough team and the NYSTART Richmond-Kings team.

The Tri-Borough team provides START services to Manhattan, Bronx and Queens Counties, while the Richmond-Kings team provides services to Brooklyn and Staten Island.  Both teams have established offices that are centrally located throughout the city to ensure timely clinical support and crisis response for those enrolled in NYSTART services.

The structure of the NYSTART Richmond-Kings and Tri-Borough clinical teams are designed to address the specific needs identified in New York City. When fully staffed, each clinical team will include the following staff:

  • Director
  • Assistant Director
  • Clinical Director
  • Medical Director
  • Consulting Psychologist
  • NYSTART Team Leaders
  • NYSTART Coordinators 

Additionally, plans are underway to implement NYSTART Therapeutic In-Home and Resource Center services. These services will be implemented by the following additional staff:

  • In-Home Supports Team Leaders
  • In-Home Support Specialists
  • Therapeutic Resource Center Director
  • Therapeutic Resource Center Program Manager
  • Therapeutic Resource Center Nurse
  • Therapeutic Resource Center Counselors

To request training and or consultation or to learn about the services and supports offered by the NYSTART Richmond Kings or Tri-Borough teams please contact the OPWDD START Liaison in your region, or contact your local team directly. 

NYSTART Richmond-Kings team, serving Brooklyn and Staten Island

  • 646-565-5890

NYSTART Tri-Borough team, serving Bronx, Manhattan and Queens

  • 212-273-6300