Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Budget Implementation Plan


Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Through the hard work and dedication of a stakeholder workgroup comprised of individuals with developmental disabilities, parents and families, advocates and nonprofit providers, we have developed a plan to address the $90 million reduction to nonprofit providers included in the enacted budget, without disrupting services to individuals with developmental disabilities and avoiding across-the-board cuts. The plan reflects the following:

$50 million in full annual state savings will result from the following actions:

  • Reducing nonprofit agency administrative funding;
  • Maximizing individual access to benefit programs which will increase Medicare enrollment and as a result reduce Medicaid spending for health related services;
  • Transitioning individuals from sheltered workshops to competitive employment and other appropriate integrated activities such as volunteer opportunities; and
  • Investing in new more appropriate community based supports and services, including crisis teams, which cost less than institutions and residential schools.

An additional $40 million in annual state savings will be realized through audit recoveries generated by increased audit activity by the state Office of the Medicaid Inspector General related to OPWDD services provided by nonprofit agencies, and through provider self-disclosures and OPWDD reviews.

Additional actions endorsed by the stakeholder workgroup included the following:

  • OPWDD will work closely with the provider associations and nonprofit agency community on the implementation of Executive Order 38, and making that data available on the OPWDD website.
  • OPWDD will finalize and implement proposed governance regulations dealing with the appropriate stewardship of funding received by nonprofit agencies from OPWDD.
  • OPWDD will assist nonprofit agencies in developing short- and long-term strategies that will foster the development of collaborations, partnerships, consolidations, and mergers among nonprofit agencies.
  • OPWDD will encourage and support nonprofit agencies to develop innovative ways to provide supports and services that lead to better outcomes for people with developmental disabilities, which will create savings that can be reinvested to support more people and services.
  • OPWDD will work with stakeholders on examining the utilization of private insurance for health and dental expenses for Medicaid beneficiaries when appropriate.

I appreciate the efforts of the stakeholder workgroup and look forward to continuing to provide the highest quality services for individuals with developmental disabilities.


Commissioner Burke

P.S. Communication is critical to our collective success, and OPWDD’s Facebook page is a great place for individuals, family members, employees, advocates, and other stakeholders to exchange thoughts and ideas. Please feel free to join the conversation.