Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Transformation Fund Awards


Dear Friends and Colleagues: 

I am pleased to announce that the Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) has awarded $65.3 million in Balancing Incentives Program (BIP) Transformation Funds to 106 organizations for a variety of initiatives supporting our system’s transformation.  The projects stemming from these awards are designed to advance our system’s transformational goals of supporting people to live in the most integrated community settings, obtain competitive employment, and take control of their services through self-direction. 

Here is a look at a few of the many innovative projects that will be funded through the Transformation Fund: 

  • People will have more opportunities for jobs in their communities.  Funds will support new assessment services and support agencies to transform their operations and build new business models.  To accomplish new business model transformation, one organization will offer technical assistance and support to sheltered workshop providers as they convert to competitive employment business models. 
  • People can choose to self-direct their services. One grant will focus on helping individuals interested in self-direction, and their families, to more fully understand the option of self–directing and the opportunities and benefits of self- direction. Individuals will have the ability to work with a self-direction coordinator to develop a plan and budget and access to technology supports to assist with the implementation of their self-directed plan. 
  • People will have more opportunities to live in the community of their choice.  The funding will pilot and expand person-centered housing transition services. One agency is developing a comprehensive plan for the conversion of six Intermediate Care Facilities and will also increase opportunities for individuals to transition out of certified residential settings and access community-based integrated supportive housing options. This will include the development of a transitional housing model that can be replicated regionally and statewide, with a focus on fading staff intensity as individuals learn skills and foster greater independence in integrated community-based housing. 
  • People will be supported by agencies that can operate more efficiently using paperless information systems that integrate person-centered practices and promote the use of Personal Outcome Measures (POMs). One such agency will implement an Agency Management Platform and fully convert to a paperless electronic data system in order to improve quality of services and the ability to communicate individuals' changing needs in a timely manner. Without an integrated platform, the data would have to be separated from each individual record and manually reentered into a database for the purpose of analysis and reporting. 

You can read more about these and other projects being awarded BIP Transformation Funds on our website. Over the coming months, our website will highlight some of the transformative outcomes accomplished by this funding and how these projects are directly benefiting the lives of people we serve. 

OPWDD is excited to enter a new partnership with the awardees to further advance the goals of our Transformation Agenda.  I would like to thank all organizations who responded to the BIP Transformation Fund request for proposals.  We look forward to sharing with you the transformational outcomes these awards will help achieve.   


Kerry A. Delaney
Acting Commissioner