Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Transformation Panel Requests for New Service Proposals (RFNS)


The sixty-one recommendations brought forward by the Transformation Panel included several addressing residential services, including Residential Support – Recommendation 1: 

Make new funding available dedicated to those living at home. A majority of the $120 million in new funds proposed for OPWDD’s budget for 2016-2017 will be allocated to meet the needs of those living at home, including those on the Residential Request List. A total of $10 million of this funding will be allocated to OPWDD’s Regional Offices to meet the needs of individuals identified as Priority Two or Three*. The $10 million allocated to the Regional Offices will be administered with input from local groups of individuals and families.” 

The below Requests for New Service Proposals (RFNS) reflect the work of Regional Stakeholder Advisory groups in each region made up of people receiving OPWDD services, their family members, representatives of OPWDD regional offices and local government who were tasked with making recommendations for the investment of a $10 million regional allocation to ensure the greatest benefit to people currently living at home with Substantial or Current Need. 

Completed RFNS proposals are due back from providers by 12/19/16. 

Region 1 RFNS

Region 2 RFNS

Region 3 RFNS

Region 4 RFNS

Region 5 RFNS 

*Note: Priority Two and Three are now the Substantial Need and Current Need categories.