Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Donna Robinson

REGION: 5 – (Brooklyn)

Position: DSA


ABOUT DONNA: Donna is known as an exceptional worker at Tom Shirtz House I in Brooklyn. Her interest in and interactions with the individuals in her care is extremely special, as evidenced by the patience and persistence she displays with routine and difficult situations. She performs her duties assisting individuals daily with ordinary tasks, while wearing a smile and displaying a pleasant attitude that is infectious to individuals and co-workers alike. Linda Anderson, DA 3, who nominated Donna, says the individuals know that her care and concern for each of them is special and genuine.

Donna encourages the people she supports to do their best on a daily basis. For what may seem like minimal achievements, Donna rewards them with maximum praise and encouragement. She is truly their number one cheerleader. Anderson says Donna’s work performance sets her apart from others because she never complains about anything! Donna is always willing to assist others, even without being asked by her supervisor or her co-workers. She routinely volunteers to work on any shift, if and when, the need arises.

Anderson says she has had the pleasure of working with Donna for a number of years now, and that she has continued to go above and beyond the performance of her assigned duties and daily routine to ensure the comfort and contentment of the individuals under her care in every setting. Making life just a little better for them each day is a personal goal of Donna’s which she somehow manages to achieve.