Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Juanita Thorpe-Wheeler

REGION: 6 – (Long Island)

Position: DSA (DAII)


JAUNITA’S FAVORITE OR MOST REWARDING PART ABOUT BEING A DSP: Juanita likes to see that the individuals she supports progress on a steady basis and learn the skills they need to be independent.

ABOUT JUANITA: Responsible and dependable.  Those are the words used to describe Juanita. Compassionate, nurturing and loving are also on that list of adjectives according to those in at 433 Wilder Road in Hilton.

Kerry Landau, LIDDSOO Treatment Team Leader said, “Juanita always ensures that the care for the individuals she supports is self-directed and person-centered with regard to all aspects of their lives including: vacation destinations; community services; financial management; clothing choices; participation in community events; health care choices; shopping trips and family correspondence.”

Landau said Juanita always gives 110% every day to both individuals and staff and consistently takes on responsibilities that are not part of her regular job duties to ensure that the individuals she supports are always content and safe.