Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Kim Alexander

REGION: 1 – (Finger Lakes)

Position: DSP


THE NOMINEE’S FAVORITE OR MOST REWARDING PART ABOUT BEING A DSP: Kim says, “I love working with the individuals, providing for their needs, enjoying their laughter and enthusiasm. They have given me such happiness and I feel blessed in being able to share in their accomplishments. I like working with my current team and have learned from so many of my fellow staff.”

ABOUT KIM: Kim’s supervisors say she is an enthusiastic, positive professional who takes the time to not only make individuals feel supported, but her coworkers as well. She takes care of the individuals she supports with a passion. She takes on tasks that need completion without being directed.

Kim is the primary day staff and attends most medical appointments. She has organized a system that supports the medical staff with documentation, ordering of medications and the needed follow up.