Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Livie Onuoha

REGION: 4 – (Taconic)

Position: DSA


ABOUT LIVIE: “An absolute gem.”  That’s how Shaune Snyder, TTL and Ryan Moyer, IRA Coordinator describe Livie.

She sets a standard for how we should all be at work and how we should treat others. Whether it is the sweet way she can make an individual smile or the way she will take it upon herself to complete things that are not even part of her assignment. She has always been flexible and willing to step up when things get difficult to ensure that her location is covered and individuals needs are attended to. Livie is always respectful and appropriate when addressing coworkers and supervisors with anything that is being discussed.

Livie comes to work every day positive and ready to help the people she supports complete daily living skills. In times of difficulty, Livie has been a voice of reason and is able to calm situations and turn them around. She is a strong advocate for people to have choices and the ability to direct how their lives should be.

Her supervisors say Livie is always positive and has a smile that just makes people comfortable. The people she supports love when she is on duty and you can always see the joy in their faces when she is at the Highland IRA.