Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Mavis Cooper

REGION: 5 – (Brooklyn)
Mavis Cooper

Position: DSA


MAVIS’ FAVORITE OR MOST REWARDING PART ABOUT BEING A DSP: After eighteen years of service, Mavis continues to advocate for individuals with persistence and passion. She is often seen in the house manager’s office “making her case” to obtain whatever she feels they need. She is especially adamant about their personal wardrobes, and will shop for hours to purchase “just the right clothing” for the season or the event, assuring their comfort and fashionable appearance. Mavis says that her favorite or most rewarding part of being a Direct Support Professional is “ensuring the individuals are dressed appropriately for the weather and for the occasion”.

ABOUT MAVIS: Mavis works in Tom Shirtz House II in Brooklyn where her supervisor, Dean Lewis, describes her as a dedicated employee who is reliable and dependable and who displays a good work ethic by completing her work assignments in a thorough and timely manner. Mavis’ concern for the individuals she is assigned to work with is evident both in the residence and out in the community. When she accompanies the people she supports on various recreational outings, Mavis encourages their participation in the activity or event, and assists them with it to the best of their ability. Already challenged by their physical limitations, sometimes the individuals to whom Ms. Cooper is assigned face the additional challenge of getting to selected venues. It is no easy task to navigate some of their wheelchairs through the streets of New York City, however, if it can be done, Mavis will accomplish the task.