Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Alesia SaintLouis

REGION: 5 – Brooklyn
Alesia SaintLouis

Position: Direct Support Assistant

Years of Service: 16


 “I love what I do and will continue to do my best for the individuals with whom I work,” Alesia says.


Imogene Stanley-Pinnock, day shift supervisor for the home where Alesia works, says she was selected because of the dedication and hard work she exhibits daily. 

“Alesia is conscientious, sensitive, cooperative and a very significant contributor to the treatment team,” Stanley-Pinnock adds.

On days when the atmosphere at the home becomes difficult, Stanley-Pinnock says Alesia’s consistent dedication and commitment overrides any tension in the atmosphere. She takes her time to find out what may be troubling any individuals in the home, and works to improve the situation for everyone.

 “I am proud to see how well Alesia advocates for individuals on a daily basis. When they do well, she is pleased and content. She has shared with me how much she enjoys working with the families and friends and takes pride in being a liaison for the people in the home.

“In addition to being a strong advocate for the individuals in the home,” Stanley-Pinnock adds, “Alesia is a role model for her coworkers, helping to maintain a work environment that encourages others to realize their full potential as direct care workers.”

Frieda Omezi, a Team Treatment Leader who works with Alesia echoes Stanley-Pinnock and says she is also proud to see how well Alesia advocates for the individuals.

”She is ordinarily extraordinary,” Omezi says.