Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Edna Campbell

REGION: 5 - Brooklyn
Edna Campbell

Position: Direct Support Assistant

Years of Service: 22


Edna feels strongly about advocating for the people living in the home where she works and helping them to live as active, enjoyable and healthy lives as possible.


Dean Lewis, Edna’s evening shift supervisor at the home where she works in Brooklyn, says her personal time and attendance practices are noteworthy. She has missed less than five days of work in the past year. Edna makes sure she completes all OPWDD mandatory trainings on time and encourages her coworkers to do the same, enabling them all to provide excellent services for the people in the home.

“Edna provides exceptional attention to the people in her care at the home where she works,” says Lewis. “She advocates for their wants and needs by helping to keep them well-dressed, looking good, eating healthy and by giving them as much attention as she can at every available opportunity.”

On more than one occasion, Edna has taken responsibility for preparing both healthy and tasty meals for the people in her care.

In December of 2016, Edna escorted an individual she works with to a Christmas party sponsored by a provider agency in New York City. It was a cold evening, but Edna helped the person to choose a special new outfit to wear and they went off to enjoy a special and memorable evening.

 “Edna displays genuine interest and enthusiasm when accompanying individuals into the community. She wants them to enjoy themselves and encourages them to do so,” Lewis added.