Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Michael Musok

REGION: 2 – Broome
Michael Musok

Position: House Director

Years of Service: 15


Michael says, “My favorite part about being a DSP is working together with my team to help the individuals succeed with their goals and dreams.”


Deby Drave, Team Treatment Leader and Michael’s supervisor, says he was nominated because of his work performance, dedication and values.

“Michael stands apart from others,” Drave says. “Michael's commitment to the individuals at OPWDD, families, staff members and friends is his flexibility and compassion. When there is special event or a spontaneous activity, Michael finds a way to support the person. The individuals, families and staff appreciate his dedication and compassion.”

Drave says Michael makes sure that the individuals at his house each have an individualized plan centered around their life goals and dreams, and he promotes community involvement.  He routinely communicates with the people in his house, families and team members to ensure that families are aware of their loved ones’ success and treatment. He believes in providing praise, encouragement and gratitude.

“Michael's strengths are reflective in his values of work and family,” Drave says. “First, and foremost, Michael is proud of his family. He is able to balance both family and work through his tenacious qualities.”

“Michael is a supervisor who is first to arrive and last to leave,” she continues. “He supports his staff by mentoring and being available when they need him.”

In connection with service, he is steadfast in performance.  Michael takes pride in participating in special house activities, such as visits and dinners, as well as community activities. Drave adds, “He ensures that the individuals have the best care and treatment.”

Michael also serves on the Broome Incident Review (IRC) Committee.  As a member, he is able to share his experiences and visions to ensure that the individuals he serves have a safe and enriched life. 

“I applaud Michael for his professionalism and commitment to OPWDD,” Drave says.