Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Shonda Peay

REGION: 6 – Bernard Fineson
Shonda Peay

Position: Developmental Assistant 1

Years of Service: 18


Shonda's favorite part about being a DSP is working with the individuals and using her experience and compassion to help improve their lives.


It is not just because Shonda is responsible, hard-working and knowledgeable about her job that she is being nominated for recognition, says Calandra Flermius, Team Treatment Leader. It is also because of Shonda’s clinical insight regarding each individual in the home where she works.

“She knows the individuals very well and how to approach each person according to their temperament and needs,” Flermius says. “Shonda is expertly able to communicate her observations to the clinical/multi-disciplinary staff who assist us with working in the best way for each individual.”

Flermius also says Shonda is an excellent observer of people and this, coupled with her clinical know-how, helps her to better understand and work with the people in her care.

“She also communicates in a calm, respectful and genuine manner to the individuals, whereby they are more likely to listen to what she has to say,” she adds. “As a DA supervisor, Shonda carries out her responsibilities seamlessly without much ‘noise.’ She is efficient and effective, thus, a good leader for others.”

Flermius goes on to say that Shonda meets each individual where she or he is “at.”

“For instance, an individual recently moved from an institutional setting into the home and has a difficult time socializing with others,” Flermius explains. “Shonda is slowly trying to draw him out to be more social, giving him time to be on his own, but also time to participate with his peers in a discussion group and to spend time with the others in the home.

“Shonda, along with her staff, have shown a great deal of patience and compassion working with this new member of the home,” Flermius adds. “These interventions by Shonda and her staff are in line with OPWDD's mission of ensuring that our individuals adjust and thrive in the least restrictive environment possible.”

Deepa Nair, a social worker who works with Shonda says, “We are happy to recognize Shonda for all her hard work and we hope recognition such as this motivates her to continue in her personal development, as she has great potential for growth and further success within OPWDD.”