Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Shokia Young

REGION: 6 – Long Island
Shokia Young

Position: Developmental Assistant 2

Years of Service: 15


Shokia says she enjoys coming to work to assist all that need assistance.


Shokia’s supervisor, Gloria Cannon, says Shokia serves as a house manager in a home on Long Island and that she is loved by all of the individuals, as well as her staff.

“Shokia is always willing to go beyond what is asked of her,” says Cannon. “She supervises without complaining and works with each staff member individually to motivate them to do their best at work. She gives each one praise and discusses improvements about the care of the individuals we serve.”

Shokia participates with the Long Island Incident Review Committee once a week to go over issues that have occurred within the facility. She recognizes that each individual needs person-centered supports that are tailored to their liking.

“Overall, Shokia has shown tremendous performance when supervising staff,” Cannon adds. “She does this by ensuring daily tasks are met, even when there are other circumstances that may have a bearing on the effective and efficient functioning of the individuals and staff.”

Shokia ensures that all her coworkers understand the importance of promoting physical and emotional well-being for all individuals who receive support and who may need assistance with choices related to their values.

So, what does she like to do when she’s not on the job?  “Even though Shokia has a career, she raises an awesome 5-year-old daughter,” Cannon says, “and she also likes to write poetry in her spare time.”