Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Ariel Moronta

REGION: 4 – Hudson Valley
Ariel Moronta

Position: Direct Support Professional



Ariel says, “Giving individuals the opportunity to be out in the community and helping them to reach their full potential.”


Beverly Bowen, Team Treatment Leader says, “Ariel is always ready to do what’s needed in any situation, and proved so when one of our individuals was in crisis. Due to Ariel's quick thinking and instinctive response, his CPR training kicked in, and he was pivotal in saving the person’s life.”

Bowen continued, “Ariel is a take-control kind of guy without being pushy or aggressive. He's very dependable, punctual and well-respected by his peers.”

She added that Ariel is always out in the community with individuals, providing them with new experiences. He treats everyone with genuine care and respect.

Jennifer Goldwasser, DA2 and Birch IRA House Director, where Ariel works, says he is a humble and dedicated person, who is always calmly willing to help and do whatever is asked of him. He steps up to do what he sees as needing to be done.

Goldwasser says, “Ariel has worked at the Hudson Valley DDSOO since 2003. In 2008, he was called to active military duty in the Marines. He returned from his military service in 2012 and came to the Birch IRA with a smile and calm reassurance. 

“His kind, thoughtful demeanor is appreciated by everyone from the people in the house, to other individuals we serve that he meets, and with other staff,” she says.

Ariel spends time taking the individuals he serves to Mets games and on numerous vacations, multiple times in the summer. His goal, Goldwasser says, is to assure that everyone who wants a vacation, gets to go on a vacation. 

“He truly puts people first naturally, helping to make Birch IRA a real home to the people who live there,” she adds.