Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Brenda Bonefede

REGION 1– Finger Lakes
Brenda Bonefede

Position: DSA Float Staff – Mallaber Cluster 

Years of Service: 8


Christina Bennett, Developmental Assistant 1, says Brenda ALWAYS enjoys working with the individuals. “She enjoys learning their likes and dislikes. She likes to see them happy and to find new ways to help them learn and grow, says Bennett.

“Brenda also enjoys passing her knowledge on to new employees, and when the occasion arises, also passing helpful tips on to more senior staff,” Bennett adds. “Brenda even enjoys the paperwork of the job! She takes pride in ensuring everything is documented properly and recognizes that with proper documentation, improvements or changes can occur that better enrich the lives of the individuals.”


Brenda always puts the care of the people FIRST, says Bennett.

 “Brenda doesn’t treat them like they are ‘a job’,” she adds. “She follows their plans, and always tries to encourage them to work and reach their goals. 

“She is always willing to help her peers any time they need assistance with any aspect of the job,” Bennett says. “If Brenda sees a peer struggling to complete a task, she will always offer or show staff techniques that may be easier for them and the individual.”

What sets Brenda apart from others is her infectious joy for the work she does, adds Bennett. “Brenda chooses to focus on the positive aspects of the job and she does not dwell on the negative. She is encouraging and seeks solutions. Brenda always tries to create an atmosphere of happiness. She is a team player who tries to create an enjoyable working environment.”

“She is always encouraging people to do as much for themselves as they can,” Bennett says. “She is always trying to assist them while allowing as much independence as possible, for as long as possible. Brenda always brings inclusion ideas to the management team that she thinks individuals will enjoy.”

As a Floater DSA, Brenda is a great asset to the cluster that she works in, serving six different houses at one time. 

“She has done a great job getting to know all the people in the six houses, along with their plans, likes, dislikes, mannerisms, abilities and struggles,” Bennett adds. “Brenda never complains about not knowing where she may be working from day to day. She always brings the same positive outlook to every home she works at. Our cluster is very fortunate to have such a flexible and positive DSP connecting us with positive energy, and sharing her knowledge and skills.”