Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Greg Babb

REGION 5 – Brooklyn

Position: Direct Support Assistant

Years of Service: 10


“My favorite part about being a DSP is the everyday challenge of helping the individuals I work with live a normal and happy life,” says Greg. “Knowing that I can assist them to achieve these goals is what I find most rewarding.”


Charleen Chambers, Developmental Assistant 1 and evening shift supervisor, says Greg is very outgoing with the people he serves. “He will take one or two of them to the movies. Then, after that outing, he will drop them back at home, pick up the others who might need more assistance, and take them out on an outing, as well. Greg never wants anyone to feel left out.

“He stands by their side no matter how they may be feeling, whether they are having a good or less than pleasant day,” adds Chambers. “Whenever Greg feels that the individuals are not being treated fairly within the community, he will represent them strongly and let those in the community know that these people deserve to be treated with the same respect as anyone else.”

Chambers said on one occasion Greg took some people out to the movies and the staff at the cinema were making an issue of where they should sit. Gregg stood up and told them that they should be able to sit wherever they choose to and if this was a problem, he would request a refund and they would be leaving.

“Greg will take everyone to their appointments, no arguments given,” Chambers adds. “If a coworker does not want to go on an assignment he or she has been given, Greg will carry out his assignment and upon his return, he will do his coworker’s assignment if it has not been completed. Meeting the needs of the individuals is what matters to him the most.”

Chambers says Greg is very outgoing and he brings his talents to work with him.  

“He loves to play games with the people he supports,” she continues. “He also asks them to show him the latest dances ‘for the club’.  When you enter the home, you will often see the individuals dancing and they tell you that they know what dance is current because they got the information from Greg.”

Greg also has a ‘talent’ in the area of fashion, according to Chambers. “He shows the people in the home different styles of clothing and footwear and lets them make their own choices about what they want to purchase and wear daily. 

“The people Greg works with are always well-dressed in new and up-to-date fashions when they prepare to attend an event,” Chambers says. “He knows that they feel special and they look special, too.”

“Greg also takes them to the music store to purchase the latest music,” she adds. “One of the people he supports brings along a list to show him what music is currently playing. Then, they go shopping to make their selections.”

“Greg Babb was chosen as a DSP honoree because of his strong and positive interactions with the individuals he serves,” Chambers concludes. “He is a self-motivated employee who always get the job done without taking any shortcuts, because the ‘easy way out’ is not Greg’s way.”