Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Gina Ringo

REGION 1 – Western NY

Position: Direct Support Assistant

Years of Service: 38


Gina Ringo truly loves the people she works with at the Western NY DDSOO.


Gina has been employed at the Western New York DDSOO for 38 years and continues to be very dedicated to her job, according to Team Treatment Leader Anne Drobits.

“She is the medical liaison at the home, and she completes this task meticulously,” Drobits says. “She understands the complexity of both the medical and emotional needs of the individuals. Gina is a very strong advocate for the individuals when she attends their medical appointments.”

“Gina would never want to receive an award or be given any extra recognition for her work, which was why we decided she is the ideal DSP nominee,” Drobits adds.

“You will never find anyone more dedicated to the people in our care than Gina Ringo,” Drobits continues. “She is always there to make sure the individuals get the best care possible down to the smallest detail. 

“Gina has a tireless work ethic and pays exceptional attention to details,” Drobits says. “She gives 110 percent of herself daily and has taken the time to form genuine relationships with the people in her care. They absolutely adore and respect her.”

Gina is a very dedicated woman, Drobits adds. “She goes out of her way to be knowledgeable about the people she cares for; she teaches them to be more aware of and understand their own medical needs so that they can benefit themselves.”

“One person Gina works with has had a very difficult year,” Drobits says. “She was seriously injured in an accident that required several months of recuperation, and then recently needed to start dialysis for kidney disease. Gina has been a fierce advocate for this person at her medical appointments and Gina has become very knowledgeable about the disease and needed care.”

“But more importantly, Gina has shown this person compassion and support to help guide her through this very difficult time in her life,” Drobits adds.

David Roncone, Developmental Assistant 3 says, “You will not find a staff member who is more devoted to the individuals she assists on a daily basis than Gina.”

“Gina is selfless when it comes to her time, sometimes staying past her shift – unpaid, mind you – until every last detail is finished,” Roncone says. “38 years on the job and she hasn’t called in over the past year. Gina’s relationship/role with the individuals she assists is a model of what all homes should follow.”