Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Marion Creekmore

REGION 6 – Long Island
Marion Creekmore

Position: Direct Support Assistant

Years of Service: 13


Marion Creekmore says, after more than a decade of service, “I feel blessed and grateful to be able to be in this position to help people that are in need of services.”


Program Supervisor Carolyn Dickerson says, “Marion knows no limits. He is very supportive, giving, helpful, respectful and a team player” at the Day Habilitation Program where he works.

Dickerson, who calls him “Mr. Marion”, says Marion does not just like his job – “he LOVES his job.”

“Mr. Marion has such a good relationship with all the people he cares for on a daily basis,” Dickerson says. “He greets them with a smile on his face as they come through the door to start their daily routines. He always takes the individuals out into the community every other day, and when he is in the building, they always ask Mr. Marion to be included in everything from arts and crafts, movie days and birthday parties.

“Mr. Marion is always doing extra things for the people he serves – even before he is asked,” Dickerson adds. “He is always willing to give and give; he goes the extra mile.”

For example, Dickerson says Marion helps out in the other classrooms with the individuals, when needed. He makes sure that the six vans used to service the Day Habilitation Program are always “gassed up.”

“He is definitely a team player, always willing to help out in the building, and with anything,” she adds.

“Mr. Marion always makes the individuals smile,” Dickerson says. “He always involves the individuals at every event provided at the program.”

Marion works with a person on a 1:1 every day. He has this person engaged in all types of activities including music, singing, dancing and listening to his favorite music like Michael Jackson. Whenever the person becomes agitated, Marion knows how to calm him down by playing his favorite record, which is “Beat It.” Dickerson says Marion always explains to this person what the plan for the day will be, and he understands when Marion speaks to him.

“Marion Creekmore is a true gentleman,” Dickerson concludes. “The program as well as the individuals appreciate Mr. Marion daily for his work as a DSP.”