Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Melissa Wood

REGION 3 – Capital District
Melissa Wood

Position: Developmental Assistant I

Years of Service: 5+


Melissa says her favorite part about being a DSP is the individuals she serves, and has served, over the course of her career. “The excitement and fulfillment I see in them when I arrive to work is rewarding,” she adds. “To see people living their lives to the fullest and knowing I am being a part of that is why I love doing this job.”


Uriah Peacock, Developmental Assistant II, says Melissa’s interactions with the people she supports are always positive. “Melissa is responsible, fair and dependable. She cares tremendously for the people at the home.”

Melissa’s willingness to put the individuals’ and staff needs first is one of the things that sets her apart from other DSAs. “It is also the amount of time that she puts in to maintain a continuity of care for the people at the home,” he adds.

Peacock said Melissa assisted the people living in the home where she works to decorate all nine bedrooms. “She took the time to find out the personal style of each person. The bedrooms reflect each person’s individual taste,” he says.

“Melissa goes above and beyond to makes sure that all the people who live at the home are comfortable, happy and have everything that they need,” Peacock continues. “She will adjust her schedule whenever needed to help staff. Melissa is willing to cover any shift.”

“I love the one-on-one and the interactions with the people; they become your family,” Melissa concludes. “You build friendships along the way. It’s what I enjoy.”