Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Nashrah Auguste

REGION 6 – Bernard Fineson
Nashrah Auguste

Position: DSA

Years of Service: 5


Nashrah Auguste enjoys helping individuals with developmental disabilities learn the skills they need to become more independent, says Dianne Calabrese, Psychologist II. She says Nashrah takes pleasure in knowing that the work she does every day assists people to improve their lives.


Nashrah is a dedicated, compassionate, highly productive and efficient person who has established and maintained a close, caring relationship with the five residents of the home where she works, explains Calabrese.

“She exhibits an extraordinary degree of care and love for the residents in the home where she works,” Calabrese continues. “She responds to their emotional, physical and concrete needs at all times in a most supportive and helpful manner.

“The people she works with can be very challenging at times due to their cognitive, social and emotional impairments, as well as their difficult histories,” Calabrese explains. “But they respond to Nashrah’s loving, instructive, and supportive assistance and care. She treats each person with the utmost dignity and respect while also helping them to realize their potential in all domains of their daily life.”

Calabrese says Nashrah demonstrates her concern and care for each person and goes out of her way to know their needs, strengths, hopes and desires. “She will then tailor her approach to meet those needs in a nurturing and helpful way to calm and stabilize – when necessary – and optimizes the well-being of the individual.

“I have known and worked with Nashrah for the past several years,” concludes Calabrese. “She is an asset to the home and to the agency’s core mission.”