Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Patricia Mahon

REGION 5 – Brooklyn
Patricia Mahon

Position: Developmental Assistant II

Years of Service: 29


Lawana Davis, Developmental Assistant III, says Patricia’s favorite part about being a DSP is sharing her love of decorating and shopping for the house where she works.

“If you are ever privileged enough to visit there, you can easily tell what holiday or special calendar event is being celebrated because the house is always beautifully decorated for that occasion,” Davis adds. “Patricia also makes sure to acknowledge, with special decorations, the birthdays of everyone who lives there. She enjoys doing this for everyone – the residents, coworkers and visitors – she has turned a house into a home.”


During her 29 years of service, Davis says Patricia has always given 100 percent in all the positions she has held. 

“Through the years Patricia has built numerous special relationships with the individuals she has served,” she adds. “To date, when she has barbecues and other special events at the home, people come to see her and enjoy a festive event. When transporting people to a program, you may see her holding conversations with many people with whom she has built meaningful relationships. Pat is always willing to listen and be supportive.”

“What sets Patricia apart from others,” Davis adds, “is that in an era where people are often heard to say, ‘It’s not my job,’ Pat’s typical response is ‘How can I help?’”

“I was newly assigned and feeling my way around,” Davis says. “Pat was there to assist me in helping other supervisors in areas such as organizing medical books. She also readily assisted other supervisors by suggesting ways to better organize the function of their homes and offering them strategies for more meaningful interaction with the staff they are assigned to supervise. Pat made rounds on a home alongside of a supervisor then went to the stores with that supervisor to assist her with shopping. Her goal was to improve the overall appearance of her assigned home, and with Pat’s guidance and support, that mission was accomplished.”

Davis says Patricia is an active member of all meetings for the individuals she supports. “She always has the people’s needs and wants in the forefront of her mind – from keeping the line of communication open with the individuals’ families and arranging time for family visits, to ensuring a person’s personal taste is evident in the clothing they wear, the decorating of their bedrooms and the home, to the food shopping done for the house. Pat makes sure to give the people choices, and ensures that they are always presented with several options.”