Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Sheila Garrett

REGION 2 – Central New York
Sheila Garrett

Position: Direct Support Assistant, Community Habilitation

Years of Service: 9


Sheila loves helping the individuals in her care reach their goals; loves seeing their joy, smiles and laughter and creating lasting memories. She also comforts them when it is necessary, according to Central New York Team Treatment Leader Sarah Meyers, who is Sheila’s supervisor.


Sheila was selected as a DSP Nominee because she goes above and beyond in her job duties on a regular basis.

“Sheila puts person-centered planning into action every day,” Meyers says. “She schedules special, meaningful, fun-filled community activities on a regular basis.

“Sheila takes the people she serves home during the holidays,” Meyers adds. “She takes them to special events and helps to keep meaningful relationships with community contacts. Sheila also comes in on her time off to make special memories happen.”

Meyers says Sheila has come in during the night to assist with an evacuation; has taken an individual ice fishing with a special opportunity that she won; takes a person to car races on a regular basis and has taken multiple people on their float in a parade. 

“Sheila puts her whole heart into enriching the lives of the people we serve,” Meyers adds. “She maintains meaningful community contacts by taking the individuals she supports to see people in the community who were an important part of that person’s past.”

“Sheila has a heard of gold,” Meyers continues. “She cares deeply about making a positive impact on the people we serve. Her one mission is to help them live a better life by incorporating what they love into their lives every day.”