Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Eric Denis

REGION: 3 – Sunmount
headshot of eric, wearing glasses

Position: Developmental Disabilities Secure Center Treatment Aide (DDSCTA)

Years of Service: 18+


Eric Denis says the most rewarding part of his job as a DDSCTA is “working with people to help them learn, grow and move forward with their lives in a positive manner.”


Travis Staves, Developmental Assistant III and Eric’s supervisor, says Eric takes a great deal of pride in his work. “He is often here for more than his scheduled 40 hours; never complains and always does every assignment to the best of his ability,” Staves adds. “Eric is also fair and consistent when it comes to interacting with people and has built positive working relationships based upon these interactions. He keeps a calm demeanor and diffuses sensitive situations without taking things personally.”

Staves says Eric goes out of his way to advocate for the people he is assigned to work with. He will often talk to people he supports about wants and needs and will assist them whenever possible. Eric also ensures that the location is clean. He maintains a positive environment to support the physical and emotional well-being of the people served.

Staves provides an example of how Eric advocates for the people he works with: “When a woman Eric supported was in crisis and had injured her arm, he advocated for her needs, which assisted her with healing properly, resting comfortably and a speedy recovery.”

Eric also has trained several new employees, passing his positive work ethic along to them, and helping them during their traineeship to become positive treatment team members. Staves says this has assisted with building the treatment team in a positive manner.

 “He carries impeccable time and attendance, rarely complains and does what’s expected of him without being told,” Staves concludes. “From a management standpoint, Eric is an ideal employee.”