Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Joseph Barry

REGION: 2 – Broome

Position: Developmental Assistant II

Years of Service: 16


Joseph Barry says he takes pride in the house he supervises, his staff and the people who live there. He adds that he finds working with individuals rewarding.


Heidi Slentz, Team Treatment Leader and Joe’s supervisor said Joe runs a tight ship, keeping the home accessible and up to guidelines. In fact, for the third year in a row, his house has had no deficiencies.

“He has been recognized by the executive team at Broome for working diligently to keep overtime hours at a minimum. In doing so, he is keeping staff happier and healthier, which aids in giving the best possible care to those who live in the home,” Slentz adds.

Joe empowers staff so that they know what to do when he is not there – he is organized and organizes his staff so that there is rarely any question about what to do. He is extremely flexible and will learn any task asked of him.

Slentz says that Joe fosters a sense of individuality. He makes sure the people who live in the home are treated with respect and are allowed to express their own preferences. He fosters an environment of calm, working with staff to help the people they support gain trust and stability.

Joe has also fostered an environment that supports family. “One individual came to the home from a county far away,” Slentz explains. “Joe made sure the family knew that the staff would take the individual to see them and help them SKYPE.” This has allowed the family to feel more involved and at ease.

Slentz says Joe is also very dedicated. There was a person who became sick and eventually died. Joe accompanied the person to the hospital and was always there to support him.

“Joe never left his side during the last 24 hours of his life,” she adds. “He truly cares for the individuals.”

“I enjoy the individuals’ accomplishments and small victories. I try to help them find their uniqueness and individuality while helping them fit into their home and community,” Joe says.