Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Shawn Laport

REGION 3 - Sunmount

Position: Direct Support Assistant

Years of Service: 3.5


“I have never met someone who cares so greatly for the people he supports,” says Audrey Coady, Developmental Assistant I and Shawn’s supervisor, “He loves them as if they were his own family. He jokes and bonds with them. Teaches them and is kind and compassionate. Anyone can truly tell how much Shawn loves his job and the people he supports.”


“Shawn is the all-around best employee you could ask for,” adds Coady. “He is amazing with every person he cares for; he completes all his tasks above and beyond; he helps with ordering and stocking; he never has time and attendance issues, and he is always willing to help out no matter what the job.

“To be completely honest, I have never met someone who cares for people so greatly,” Coady adds. “He puts them before anything else. Shawn has on multiple occasions used his own money to purchase things for the house and people who live there when they couldn’t be afforded – and he does this on his own time.

“Shawn is so caring, supportive and positive towards every person,” she continues. “He is always on top of what each person needs and makes sure it happens.”

Coady can provide several examples of how much Shawn cares for the people he supports.

“Just the other day someone fell and had to go by ambulance. Shawn was on vacation, and I called him to see if he would come in to help for a few hours. He said he would be there in 20 minutes,” she says.

Another example Coady gives centers around one person Shawn works with who has been having difficulty manipulating zippers, buttons and drawstrings on pants – and finding pants without these things is a challenge.

“Shawn went on his own time, found a tailor and pricing to get this person the pants he needed,” Coady explains. “He offered to take him to get fitted so the gentleman can be happier in his day-to-day life.

“He used to work the night shift and just changed to evening shift,” Coady continues. “He moved his shift because he wanted more quality time with people living there and to give them the lives they deserve.

“Shawn doesn’t just show up for a paycheck or a job; he genuinely cares for the people we support and truly cares for their well-being,” Coady finishes. “He is the definition of ‘putting people first.”