Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Tyisha Segar

REGION: 5 – Brooklyn

Position: Direct Support Assistant

Years of Service: 13 years


Tyisha Segar says caring for and supporting the individuals she works with is the most rewarding part about being a direct support professional. “I enjoy seeing them progress and display personal pride in achieving their goals,” she adds.


Patricia Mahon, Developmental Assistant II and Tyisha’s supervisor, says Tyisha gets immediately involved with the people she supports as soon as she comes through the door each day.

“When she is off duty, she is greatly missed by all the individuals and staff alike,” Mahon adds.

Tyisha portrays the qualities of a leader while she is on duty, Mahon says.

“Her willingness to assist others is evident and appreciated. She enjoys making the individuals feel special. She demonstrates this daily, but especially when celebrating birthdays,” Mahon continues. “This includes the efforts she places on making it ‘their day’ by seeing that they select a special outfit they may want to wear on their birthday. Then she makes sure everyone enjoys themselves at the celebration.”

What sets Tyisha apart from other staff, Mahon says, is her imagination and her sharing of ideas on how to improve the lives of the people with developmental disabilities living in the home where she works.

“She gives maximum effort to all her assignments, and she assists each person to achieve the personal goals that will improve their lives,” Mahon adds. “No task seems too difficult for her to tackle. If and when they might think a task is too hard, Tyisha is always encouraging people not to give up.”

While advocating for each person’s need to become part of their community, Tyisha makes it her personal goal to see them achieve and enjoy community access. Mahon says Tyisha enjoys taking the people she works with to services at local churches and has introduced them to church members who are always cordial and who invite them to come back again.

“Tyisha is an employee whose work ethic I admire and appreciate,” Mahon says. “She follows OPWDD’s time and attendance policies and is a good candidate for future promotions. She is a leader who is well respected by her peers and the people she supports. I appreciate having her on my team.”