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Foreclosure Prevention Unit



Are you a homeowner who:

  • Is behind or late in paying one or more monthly mortgage payments?
  • Has received letters or legal documents from your lender/servicer?

The NYS OPWDD Office of Home and Community Living may be able to assist you in carrying out the best possible work-out option (remain in your home) or transition option (transition to alternative housing).

Foreclosure Prevention Housing Counseling Services:

  • Conduct intake to determine if OPWDD can provide assistance.
  • Assess homeowners’ circumstances and explain all options.
  • Develop a household budget.
  • Support homeowner in the outline of a hardship letter.
  • Establish the best plan of action.
  • Negotiate with the lender/servicer to assist both parties in arriving at a mutually beneficial resolution.
  • Work with homeowner to fully understand the terms of proposed work-out or transition options.
  • Provide ongoing counseling to maintain or improve homeowner’s financial position.
  • Ensure homeowners are safe from false “rescue” scams, loan modification scams, and other predatory lending scams.
  • Provide referrals on an as-needed basis.

No Fees

All services are FREE for the homeowner(s)

Call: (518) 473-1973


Mail: 44 Holland Avenue, 4th Floor  Attention: Office of Housing and Community Living